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The Inner Workings

of a world of perfect chaos

idgaff but we all knew this
25 April 1989
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 ♣  My Journal:

This blog is pretty simple. It's for my friends to catch up with that's going on in my life, me to add little funny think I find when searching the net, and of course, links to my fic community parallel_heartz What that means is that there can and probably will be expicit stuff on here, and while I don't have a friending policy, I tend to add everyone on here, I do ask that everyone play nice. This is my journal, and I do take pride in the things I post and I don't want people tarnishing it with bull.

parallel_heartz  ♦  

I decided it was easier to put my porn on there and not spam my flist entirely, SO most of my stuff will be uploaded there...slowly. As I churn out my stuff on here. My updating lists, as sporadic as they are will be listed there AND in this journal. Only to be fair to people that haven't added that journal. *nods*
 ♥  Me

I'm a punky little freak on a leash. xD Least that's what my older brothers call me LOL. I'm weird and funny and obnoxious and most people either love me, hate me, or enjoy talking behind my back because they have no lives. that's cool though, cause it just makes me LOL HARD and I like to LOL. It's a major reason as to why I'm friends with some of the people I know. They have the ability to make me laugh, which is always a good quality in a friend IMO.

I like smut, but hate sex, am pretty much always sick, squeal like a little bitch over Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Shaefer (Tom does not belong on this list tyvm), Jared Leto, and the J's who play on that show Supernatural. Oh and asian men. and hot asian twinks that are in those pop/hip-hop bands I find myself addicted to. xD
Love  ♠ 

I love a lot of things, and hate very few things or people. I enjoy getting to know people, so don't even feel shy to comment on ANYTHING that I have in this journal. Like, really. I'm chill. ^_^
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